Adrianna Hegarty


  • Agent License: 001973
  • Service Areas: Cork
  • Specialties: Property Sales

About Adrianna Hegarty

Meet Adrianna Hegarty, the distinguished Owner and Director of Hegarty Properties, centrally located in Midleton, County Cork. With a remarkable career spanning over 40 years in the real estate industry, Adrianna stands as a seasoned professional, bringing a wealth of expertise and a global perspective to the Irish property landscape.

Adrianna’s journey in the real estate sector began at the age of 17, showcasing her early passion and commitment to the field. Hailing from Monaghan, she has not only left an indelible mark on the local property market but has also extended her influence across diverse real estate landscapes.

Adrianna’s professional journey has taken her to various international hubs, including Dublin, L.A., Cyprus, and London, each experience contributing to her extensive knowledge and understanding of the global real estate dynamics. Her exposure to diverse markets has equipped her with a unique insight that sets Hegarty Properties apart in the local real estate scene.

As a proud member of SCSI (Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland) and a full member of IPAV (Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers), Adrianna’s professional affiliations underscore her commitment to the highest standards of integrity and expertise, whether on the global stage or within the Irish context.

Adrianna’s leadership extends beyond her role in the real estate industry. Since 2023, she has served as the President of the Midleton & Area Chamber, demonstrating her commitment to community growth and prosperity.

A licensed professional recognised by the Property Services Regulatory Authority (PSRA), Adrianna ensures that Hegarty Properties operates with the highest regulatory standards, providing clients with confidence and peace of mind.

With a career that spans continents and a commitment to excellence honed in diverse real estate markets, Adrianna Hegarty and the Hegarty Properties team stand as a beacon of trust and reliability in the local and global real estate landscape. Whether you’re buying, selling, or investing, trust Adrianna for a seamless and rewarding real estate experience in the vibrant surroundings of Midleton, County Cork.

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