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Tips for staging homes ahead of getting ready to sell a property

Adrianna Hegarty, Hegarty Properties, Midleton, Co Cork

One thing that we will never rush in the process of listing a property on the market is “staging”. Staging a house simply means presenting a property in such a way that it is market ready. What we can sometimes forget when we’ve been living in a property for a duration of time is how it has become a home. The parts that make it feel like a home like your children’s art or family photos or a blanket made by your grandmother are special to you but not necessarily to someone else. 

When someone views a property they want to be able to imagine their couch in the sitting room or their favourite artwork in the hallway. In order for us to facilitate this we need to create an atmosphere for a viewer to do this. 

But before you start removing every artefact from your home read my top 6 tips below for getting your house market ready! 

  1. De-Clutter: It’s time to get rid of that extra chair, broken toys or gifts that you’re never going to use. Not only is a de-clutter one of the most important things to do in preparing your house for viewings but it also is valuable for your move. Remember you are going to be moving to a new space and doing this will make it far less stressful. When showing homes we also want to be able to open back doorways and have the ability to walk around a space. Unnecessary furniture, decorations and such impact this negatively. 
  2. Paint: Now that you’ve de-cluttered you may notice that certain areas may need a touch up. Hallways and doors are areas that get a lot of wear and tear and may require a freshen up to make the space look in its best condition. A neutral pallet is quite important when staging a home so consider painting that green wall a neutral shade in white tones. 
  3. DIY: Consider replacing old fixtures and fittings in your home to give your home a better look and feel. Items that can really make a difference here would be: Kitchen cabinet handles/knobs or Light fixtures. Another key area is grouting in your shower/bath area.
  4. Décor: We love quick and easy ways to make your home more neutral like using white towels and bed linen for viewings. Take inspiration from hotels in bedroom areas with pillows and cushions on your bed to create a feeling of luxury. There is no need to splurge on these items. Allowing as much light into your home as possible is helpful in giving the illusion of spaces being bigger than what they are, are more inviting and create a positive atmosphere. Allow natural light in by opening blinds and curtains and in areas without large windows, simply adding an extra lamp or two can help to achieve the same effect.
  5. Spring Clean: Once your interiors have been spruced up it’s time to do a deep clean. Showers are an area where you can notice build up so it is well worth a deep clean. We want your home to be sparkling!
  6. Kerbside appeal: The final thing to consider is how your house appears from the exterior. We encourage viewers to do drive bys especially for countryside homes to ensure they are comfortable with the location and commutes. In this case the exterior of your home and garden will impact the judgement made by viewers. Look at your exterior walls, windows and doors. Basic gardening such as cutting the lawn, weeding and updating plants will really add to the exterior. Removing/updating any old garden furniture is very important as this is also a reflection on the overall impact. 

These are just some simple methods to prepare for the market and are worth considering in your preparation. Getting a head start here can also help with the speed of launching your property to the market.

Adrianna Hegarty, Hegarty Properties


About Adrianna:

A native of Co Monaghan, Adrianna is based in Midleton, Co Cork and is the current President of the Midleton and Area Chamber of Commerce. She was also recently crowned winner of the Network Ireland Cork Awards in the category of Established Businesswoman of the Year.

She started her professional career at Gunne Actioneers. Her career advanced with Sherry Fitzgerald and Jackson Stops & McCabe in Dublin, giving her a wide range of experience in Residential property with blue chip clients. Whilst still in Dublin, Adrianna then formed her own business specialising in pubs and hotels.

In 1990 she moved to Cyprus where she marketing villas and apartments with the Lordos Property Group.

In 1992 Adrianna moved to the USA where she continued her property experience, gaining her Californian Real Estate License and working on premium properties in the Palos Verdes Peninsula in Los Angeles.

Adrianna moved back to Cork in 2000 and decided to put her 20 year os experience to work in Property Consultancy and in Sept 2005 she opened her flagship office on Midleton’s Main Street.

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