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Posted on: 07 Feb 2018

Hegarty Properties' top tips for selling your house in 2018

Hegarty Properties' top tips for selling your house in 2018

Selling a house takes time. Most people underestimate how long the process can take. Here are some of our top tips to help guide you through the process and hopefully take some of the stress out. Now is a good time to prepare your house and get everything in order so you can go to market in Spring. Remember, the better your house looks online, the more people will come to view it. You need to make the house look inviting and present it so it appeals to as many people as possible.

Here are Hegarty Properties eight tips to help you prepare your property, reduce the stress and maximise the sales price.

1.       Do your property research:

Review similar properties on the property websites, for example Daft.ie and MyHome.ie to get a sense of the current market, property prices and active estate agents in your area.

2.       Choose the right estate agent:

Do your research on estate agents in your locality, ask for recommendations, review their websites, social media platforms and arrange a meeting. A good estate agent will help minimise your worries and maximise the sales price. Ask the estate agent for a valuation to advise you on the current market value of your property.

3.       Think about the benefits:

Think about any advantages in your house, any improvements you have made and what is attractive about your home and location. Have a list of these so you can inform the estate agent who can then use the information when dealing with prospective buyers.

4.       Regulations:

Ensure that any improvements, e.g. attic conversion, which were made to the property are compliant with current building regulations. If you have a septic tank, you need to ensure that it is registered.

5.       Prepare your home:

The art of preparing your home for viewings can add up to 15% to a sale price. Before you go to market, you need to declutter the house and ensure it is absolutely spotless especially the kitchen and bathrooms. Fix anything that is damaged and put things you do not use in the attic or storage. Depersonalise it so that any prospective buyers can imagine themselves living there.

6.       Focus on the kerb appeal:

Increase the home’s kerb appeal by painting the front door and ensuring that the garden and exterior are well presented. Hide any bins and work to create a positive first impression. Power wash your property if necessary.

7.       Stage your property:

When you are preparing for viewings, candles, fresh flowers, soft lighting and bowls of fruit can help create a pleasant ambience. The whole house should be clean. Focus on the kitchen (hide everyday implements) and master bedroom (use cream or white bed linen and curtains to make the room look bigger). Remove all animals and open the windows to ventilate the property.

8.       The administrative aspect:

Engage a good solicitor with experience in this area. You also need to locate your house deeds as it may take time for a bank to release them. The property tax needs to be up to date. There are a number of documents typically required by an estate agent which you need to have ready before your property goes to the market. These may include:

a.       Names of owner (sole)/ owners (joint).

b.       Post code of property for sale.

c.       Name and address of solicitor handling sale.

d.       Signed letter of engagement.

e.       Copy of the Building Energy Rating (BER) certificate.

We hope that you find these tips useful as a starting point as you prepare to sell your property. This is not an exhaustive list but will point you in the right direction. We would be delighted to discuss any of them in more detail with you.

For more information and to arrange a free valuation, call Hegarty Properties, The East Cork Business of the Year 2017 on 021 463 9411.

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